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    Inheritance in Forge

    John Sylora Newbie

      Hello Forge users,


      What is the best way to set up inheritance in Forge?


      I was able to set it up using the Forge command:


      $ java new-class 'public class TestClass2 extends TestClass {}' --package ~.model


      Is this the best way? Thank you.

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          Lincoln Baxter III Master

          That's probably a good way to do it. We don't really do much with inheritance right now. How would you like to use inheritance that isn't currently supported?

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            John Sylora Newbie

            Hi Lincoln,


            I'm planning to use inheritance since I have a base class that passes on some properties to the descendant classes which have their own unique properties in addition to the base class parent properties. I use Forge to write the classes. Since Forge doesn't have a specific command for inheritance, I guess I'll have to put the annotations like @Inheritance(strategy = InheritanceType.JOINED) after I make the class. Thanks for the input..