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    ESB and HornetQ

    Joseph Cichocki Newbie

      I have just installed the latest version of the ESB and have it setup using hornetQ. This is my first time using hornetQ and the ESB. I have a few services that will need core bridges to another server also running the same version of hornetQ. It looks like I need the following 2 files to get this done: hornetq-jms.xml (to set up the jms portion of queues) and hornetq-configuration (for the core bridge and queue configuration).


      I initially started out with just the esb including the hornetq-jms.xml file, and added the queue and bridge info in to the /deploy/hornetq/hornetq-configuration.xml file. This setup seemed to work, I was hoping to just add a hornetq-configuration.xml to the esb deployment file with just the entries for the queue and bridge. However this setup states that the queue is not deployed (I assume it is not using the hornetq-configuration file).


      I think in our deployment we are going to have quite a few bridges and I was hoping to keep this all together with the services. Any recommendations on keeping this as clean as possible?