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    Hello World Example in ironjacamar


      I am very much new to JCA and ironjacamar. I am a little aware of java web apps to deploy and run the same on jboss AS 7.

      I have downloaded ironjacamar and JBoss AS 7 stable versions. Built the hello world example @ Ironjacamar as instructed and can see that helloworld.rar is created in the target folder.


      I know this might be a naive query but I would really need help on this. Any suggestion/advice would be highly appreciated.


      I have imported this Hello World Example as a project into JBoss Dev Studio which is integrated with JBoss AS 7. Since, the target has the rar file, I right clicked and selected run as deployable and see that the helloworld.rar is deployed succesfully in the server. I am happy to this extent.


      Now, how am I supposed to test the same? I know there are these junit test cases given with two tests. when i say ant test, the build is successful. Now, what? I mean how do I invoke this Hello World Resource Adapters? How do I run those test cases?