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    JBoss : create custom roles




      I am working on a JBoss portal containing several pages.

      These pages and the user having acces to these pages are define in the "...-object.xml" (using the <portal> => <page> => <security-constraint> => <policy-permission> => <role-name>)


      Now I would like to modify this, in order for an administrateur to create a custom role from the application, without modifying the code and its xml.

      So instead of defining which role has access to each page in the "....-object.xml", I would like to define it in my database.

      I saw that I can set the <role-name> to <unchecked/> so every role has access to the page, but how can I then write in the code the differences of interface between users view?

      Do you know if it is possible to hide/show different pages (so tabs, inside the application) depending on the database data of the user using JBoss?


      In other words, how does JBoss hide pages to certain users through the "<role-name>" value ?



      Thank you,