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    How to create child resource in discovery

    udayatom Newbie

      Hai friends,


                   1) How to create new child resource in discovery component. I got the Server through my discovery component, i need one more child in that server.


                   2) How to specify resourcetype explicitly(server or service). i know only ResourceComponent.getResourceType().



      I attempt like this. but i dont know how  to do it and fully. i wrote in this in my discovery component.





      public CreateResourceReport createResource(CreateResourceReport report)


           ResourceType newresourcetype=report.getResourceType();

           String resourcename="Child";

           Configuration pluginconfiguration=null;

           Configuration resourceconfiguration=null;

           ResourcePackageDetails packagedetails=null;

          CreateResourceReport reportsdetails=new CreateResourceReport(resourcename,newresourcetype,pluginconfiguration,resourceconfiguration,packagedetails);

              return reportsdetails;








      Udaya Kumar