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    Systematic Approach - Migrating applications from Tomcat to JBoss AS

    chandrakanth achyuta Newbie



      I am new to JBoss and I am looking for the systematic approach for migrating so many web applications using Spring,Struts,Hibernate,Java1.4,Java 5,Java 6 from apache tomcat web server to JBoss AS (Considering the latest version 7). Please provide me with the following things if possible,


      1. Migration Guide for Tomcat to JBoss AS (Considering the latest version 7)
        1. Systematic approach
        2. Migration Pitfalls
      2. Migartion Tools for Tomact to JBoss AS (Considering the latest version 7)
        1. Migration Assesment Tools
        2. Migration Validation Tools
        3. Migration Tool for modifing all the configuration files and dependencies.


      I searched the entire web I got the tools and guides only for migrating applications from older versions of JBoss AS to New Versions of JBoss AS. Please help me in this immediately.



      Chandrakanth Avhyuta.