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    How to create a queue and add a push consumer from onMessage()

    Roger Eddy Newbie

      From inside PushConsumer.onMessage(), how can I create a queue and add a push consumer to that queue?  Here's a failing attempt:


      // create queue


      ServerLocator serverLocator = HornetQClient.createServerLocatorWithoutHA(new TransportConfiguration(NettyConnectorFactory.class.getName()));

      ClientSessionFactory sf = serverLocator.createSessionFactory();

      ClientSession coreSession = sf.createSession(false, false, false);

      final String queueName = "queue.exampleQueue";

      coreSession.createQueue(queueName, queueName, true);


      // add consumer


      PushStore pushStore = QueueServiceManager().getPushStore();


      PushRegistration reg = new PushRegistration();