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    JGroups Probe readability in 2.8.1 GA - Need help




      I apologize if this has been answered previously but I couldn't find it.


      We have a cluster of over 40 JGroups nodes on about 7 Solaris servers with each server hosting about 6 jvm's. We have multiple JGroups for different clients differentiated by differentiated by group_addr. We are running some automated scripts to check if the cluster is intact using the PROBE.

      We recently upgraded to JGroups 2.8.1 GA version from earlier 2.4.0 version.  The probe output is changed between these two servers. So, I need help in reading new output and find out:

      1) With multiple clients how to differentiate one client output from another (with no group_addr in output)?

      2) How to convert these server names into vips to see what are actual members and who the coordinator is (With upgrade to 2.81 GA, the vips are replaced by server name and port number)?


      java -cp ../../jgroups-all.jar org.jgroups.tests.Probe


      Old output:

      #1 (870 bytes): insance1-1.vip.foo.com:64112 (foo_Cluster)



      version=2.4.0, cvs="$Id: Version.java,v 1.42 2006/10/31 12:45:32 belaban Exp $"

      view: [instance3-1.vip.foo.com:49827|281] [instance03-1.vip.foo.com:49827, instance25-1.vip.foo.com:53301, instance30-1.vip.foo.com:44179, instance09-1.vip.foo.com:50

      216, instance02-1.vip.foo.com:43634, instance07-1.vip.foo.com:57088, instance04-1.vip.foo.com:63021, instance21-1.vip.foo.com:61490, instance10-1.vip.foo.com:43547]



      In above example, we could clearly see the vip addresses, the coordinator and the group address.


      New output:

      #1 (1533 bytes): view=[serverX7.dob.foo.com-47017|154] [serverX7.dob.foo.com-47017, serverX0.dob.foo.com-X657, serverX6.dob.foo.com-48862, server74.dob.foo.com-13599, serverX1.dob.foo.com-39488, serverX7.dob.foo.com-63548, serverX7.dob.foo.com-6072server78.dob.foo.com-35944]


      local_addr=serverX9.dob.foo.com-31145 [1d7fceX6-55d7-3cce-6ba0-f823a25ee492]


      version=2.8.1.GA, cvs="$Id: Version.java,v 2010/04/30 11:52:37 belaban Exp $"




      Thanks in advance