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    What is the recommended heap size configuration for Jboss AS 6 when running a VM with multiple instances?

    Iry Witham Newbie

      I am new at Jboss and need to tune an instance of Jboss AS 6 so that we eliminate the out of memory issues.  Currently we have our heap sizes set to a minimum heap setting of 512mb and a max of 1024mb.  The original setup of the VM was 2 CPU's and 2GB of RAM.  I have had our IT group upgrade it to 4 CPU's and 8GB or RAM.  Prior to the upgrade I was able to get 4 instances running concurrently, but they were very slow.  We were utilizing swap since Jboss was using 1.3GB of the allocated 2GB.  Now that we have upgraded I am able to run 10 concurrent instances and it was beginning to utilize swap space again.  I will need to have 15 instances running concurrently so it is very important to optimize the heap.  If there are additional things that I can tune I am open to suggestions.