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    Guvnor 5.x Inclusion affecting Project deployment using Hudson for J2EE Application.




      I have a Spring and Struts based project which was working fine through Hudson-Maven pom.xml, but after introducing Guvnor 5.x in project pom.xml built the project perfectly fine but at the time of deployment it fails because Drool compiler dependancy on antlr3.3.jar. My project is already having 2 jars files antlr2.7 and antlr-runtime 3.2.

      When built runs because of dependancy it creates additional antlr 3.3 jar which creates problem during deployment. After built I need to delete this additional jar file antlr3.3 in order to deploy my application to work fine.

      Is there any way at the time of built this dependancy compile the classes but I do not want antlr3.3 to go to lib folder.

      Please let me know, this issue is bothering us for a long time and still unable to get solution.

      Any help would be appriciated!!!



      Amit Telang