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    Deployment error with RichFaces

    Jonathan Pinto Sperafico Newbie



      During the development of my enterprise application, I got stuck in the following situation:


      JBoss AS 7.1.1 Final - Standalone server


      Related projects:

        • Java standard project
        • JPA project (With the PersistContext inside it self)
        • Dynamic Web Project (Bean + JSF + RichFaces)
        • EAR project


      EAR project has in the deployment assembly the JPA and Dynamic web projects.

      The JPA has included dependency the Java Standard Project.


      I really tried to google it, but the answer wasn't satisfatory.

      I'm attaching the logs and web.xml that I believe contain all the data that may help you out with that.


      I really do apreciate your help,

      Kind Regards,

      Jonathan Pinto Sperafico.