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    How to add a suffix (append to docroot) to jboss url path (running behind apache)

    Nav Dhillon Newbie

      I need to specify to jboss (AS 7.1.3) that all the html generated by it should have http://host.com/jboss/ as docroot instead of http://host.com/


      I have apache 2.2 running on port 80.  I have setup mod_proxy in httpd.conf such that any requests arriving as http://host.com/jboss be redirected to localhost:8080 (jboss).  The problem I m running into is that links on pages (such as jboss welcome page) served by jboss do not have "/jboss" suffix in them.  For example, the admin console needs to be http://host.com/jboss/console.  Instead it is http://host.com/console which causes apache to not forward the request to jboss.


      http.conf updates: