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    error after push a application on openshift from jbossdeveloper

    mauro chi Newbie

      hi all.


      i have  created from the web interface from web site openshift a diy application.


      Then i heve with jbossdeveloper imported the new application ( that i heve named tomee )




      Then i have modify it following the tomcat7 quick start on github.,


        i have commited the modify and i have pushed from the jbossdeveloper at openshift application .


      i have following the tutorial:





      THe import existenting application created  from web interface of openshift . it is that that i have make .





      but finally i get the following error:





























      Running .openshift/action_hooks/deploy


      '[' -d /var/lib/openshift/51539fbae0b8cdbcb700004b/app-root/data//tomcat


      + cp -rf



      + cd


      + rm

      -rf logs

      + ln -s

      /var/lib/openshift/51539fbae0b8cdbcb700004b/diy-0.1/logs/ logs

      + sed -ig




      + cd


      + sed

      -ig s/OPENSHIFT_INTERNAL_IP/ conf/server.xml







      line 15: bin/startup.sh: Permission denied

      Failed to start


      Running .openshift/action_hooks/post_deploy






      into the .openshift/action_hooks/

      i have 6 fiels :





















      the files above it recall the fiels of strtupo of tomee. and revrite thee variable for thte ipinternal and port .




      but if i understand it not can run the fiels above.




      The project from jdeveloper it is from my win7 machine ,

      I not can set chomd .x ( to make the fiel executabel) from windows not is possible.

      or i have erro int othe files?








      i have :


      1) create a diy applicatio non web site on openshift


      2) i have impoter int ojbossdeveloper the diy application from openshift


      3) i have downloaded the https://github.com/lulinqing/openshift-tomcat-quickstart like a zip


      4) i have modified my tomee project for use tomee . i have modified into the filess int othe .openshit/action_hooks the word tomcat with tomee.


      5) into the diy directory i have created a directory tomee and i have pasted into it the files of tomee


      6) i have copied the files server.xml and tomcat.user.xml and pasted  into dir conf of tomee


      7) i have added the tomee listener on server.xml copied form tomcat quickl start


      8) into the users.tomcat.xml i have added the user for tomee and manger-gui with usename and password.


      9 ) i have from the project added the fiels form team menu ogf jbossdeveloper


      10) i have form the tema menu commited and pushed at openshift




      but i get the error above .




      Help me please .