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    Execute Queue in JBOSS

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      I know the same question was placed long time ago, but I still hope that JBoss did something to help us... We are currently running JBoss AS 7.1.2 (soon going to EAP 6) and we are migrating applications from Weblogic where we had the notion of Execute Queues allowing more control on applications performance, throttling and deadblock avoidance (Bea's promisses ).


      The applications we are migrating consist mostly of webservices and ejbs and we tried to find something into the server configuration to help us configure thread pools per application. We found that we can limit the number of ejbs instances (but this can be done per ejb and not per application), also that we can throttle down the entire server by modifying the system thread pool or even to configure thread pools per connectors (this is not feasible in our case because all applications need to exposed through the same interface).


      So, the question is if you know such a mechanism provided by Jboss server to segregate applications into different queues/pools of threads. Did Jboss made some progress in this respect?


      Thank you,