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    Behavior Of FindByPrimaryKey

    sureshnarsimhan Newbie

      Hi all,
      I have a BMP bean.The bean basically represents a datastructure.I create and instance of the bean (there by an instance of the under lying Data Structure ie an entry into the table). After creating the instance i do manipulations on it (ie my data structure's variables get changed) .when ever i try doing a findbyprimarykey after that i always get the manipulated datastructure.

      To explain, i have a entity bean to represent the Structure

      Class DFS {

      String name;
      int states;

      I create an instance of the bean ( an instance of DFS) and am manipulating it.After this when i do a findbyprimarykey i alwasys get the manipulated instance of DFS.I am unable to get the bean instance in the created state.What am i doin wrong

      thanks in advance,