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    Including jsf/html form from one webapp into an other

    Hubert Köhler Newbie

      Once again on my odyssey through jsf i got a problem of understanding.


      Here is my setup:


      I got a portal web application which is used to connect to different game servers (Also java webapps). On my portal i save a username and password of an user. I list the different servers which are available. These might have different configurations, IPs and so on.


      I want to create a page on my portal which inludes a registration form of the server. This form has different input values the user needs to fill out. Into the userform i want to inject the username which is unique on the server. With it i can identify each user on every server. After all values are set i want to submit the form to the server. The server accepts the registration, uses the username and generates a new password which is afterwards sent to the portal. From then on the user can login via the username and the generated password which is stored on the portal.


      I hope it's at least a bit clear what i want.


      I tried different approaches:

      1.) Include an xhtml page from the server which did not work as the faces context did not recognize the tags

      2.) Request the html code of the login form from the webservice via xml, include it via outputText. After that i tried to read the values from the BEAN which was not possible, therefore i couldn't send them to the server via webservice


      There has to be a way of how to implement this scenario....


      I'm grateful for any ideas