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    JMS configuration for multiple-ethernet cards JBOSS server

    Eric Zhao Newbie



      I got one problem to set JMS to support the following server configuration.


      eth0: have a 10.* IP (lab internal)

      eth1: have a 135.* IP (external IP address)


      during JMS topic connection, we need to set BindAddress in uil2-service.xml. usually our program set the eth0 IP address in uil2-service.xml.  so when user try to use eth1 IP address from client side to connect JBOSS server and create JMS topic connection. in this case it will be failed, if a user access JBOSS server with a pc in the lab(can access JBOSS server eth0 IP address).  it had no problem.


      If we changed the uil2-service.xml BindAddress into eth1 IP address, then the user with eth1 IP address can create JMS topic connection. and user access with eth0 IP address can't create JMS topic connection.


      If we sethostname as BindAddress, only user using the eth1 IP address can create jms topic connection.


      Can someone provide a solution how can JMS support multiple ethernet cards configuration?  to make different users can create JMS connection.



      appreciate for your help and support.