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    'Timer' inside task is not running

    Farhan Masood Newbie

      Hi all,

           I am new in the world of JBPM. I want task-node to be available to the user for a defined duration for e.g. 2 hours, 10 hours etc. If user sends response (using task-node) then its fine otherwise I want to end that task. I searched a lot over the net and got a few examples of 'Timers' inside task-node but I have got stuck here. The code is as follows,





      I have following questions,


      1. Do I need to add 'Timer' inside task-node (above task tag) or inside task tag ?

      2. Why this 'Timer' is not running ? (Do I need to do any configuration in web.xml or jbpm.config.xml ? like making entry of JobExecutorLauncher servlet context listener in the web app deployment descriptor ?)


      Waiting for your valuable reply.


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          Farhan Masood Newbie

          Sorry. I pasted the code but somehow it didn't appear..


          Here is the code


          <task-node name="ops Schedule Signing">
          <task name="ops Schedule Signingg" priority="0">
          <timer duedate="5 seconds" transition="done">
             <action class="com.order.product.signingconfirmation.process.handler.TimerHandler">
          <transition to="Schedule Signing"></transition>
          <transition name='done' to='Complete'/>