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    Application configuration

    Marco Becker Newbie



      I'm new in JavaEE and JBoss AS 7. I have a question about configurating an application within JBoss AS.

      With JNDI it is typically to configure JDBC Datasources for using it in JPA. My question ist, how can I configure custom information to handle different enviroments like development and production?


      I like to configure IPs for my MongoDB servers. I don't like to handle it in my sourcode on check the servers ip address.


      Is there a possibility for my problem?


      Thanks and regards


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          Nicklas Karlsson Master

          You might have a TestAppDatasource and ProdAppDatasource defined on the instance and use build-time filtering (e.g. maven parameters) for hooking up the application to the correct datasource.

          A more practical scenario would be to have separate instances for test and production with both having a AppDatasource (pointing to test DB on test AS and prod DB on prod AS). An application deployed on the server would then have access to the correct DB