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    Arquillian tests won't run on JBoss 7

    Petr Mensik Newbie



      I've ran into following problem. I have three projects - one is regular portlet, second is portlet created with JSF and Portlet Bridge. And the third is project dedicated to test those two portlets. There are two profiles, you can run test for example with mvn test -Prichrates-portlet. But after running the suite, I get an exception as follows



      Failed tests:

        CalculatorTest>Arquillian.arquillianBeforeSuite:64 » Runtime Could not create


      Full stack on pastebin.


      I enclose those three projects, first you need to run`mvn install` in cdi-applications folder, then you can run the test in cdi-tests/cdi-arquillian-test with mvn test -Prichrates-portlet. (tests won't work if don't have JBoss Portal Platform server but if you manage to deploy application to JBoss AS, I would be really gratefull)


      Thanks for any help!