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    Can I get to a file, from an ear, in clustered domain mode on AS7/EAP6?


      For a (very old) legacy app, I need to find the location of  /foo/bar/fubar.jsp in my ear and add a symlink to another folder.  How can I find where fubar.jsp lives?  


      We are running EAP 6.0.1 in clustered full HA domain mode.  I am open to any options as long as we can use CLI to deploy.  We have legacy applications that write files to be served to the customer.  In our development environments, this is very straightforward using exploded ears and wars.  However, those won't work in clusters, right?


      This problem is tough because the app saves data as JSPs that are processed via the JSP engine.  In the past, the app was able to write files to the filesystem in it's own folder. 


      Is there a way to get exploded ear functionality without sacrificing the domain management features, like cross-cluster deployment?  Is there a flag that will make the ear explode in the data folder or something like that?  Even if the path is not know in advance or predictable, I can write scripts that can figure out which folder it is using in the data dir. 


      We'd like to use EARs and domain management in EAP 6.0 and this is our last barrier. 


      Any help is greatly appreciated!