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    Receive Task: Retrieving the Message referred by Message ref.

    Rahul Agrawal Newbie

      For the messageRef Attribute of receive task BPMN2.0 Specification says


      "A Message for the messageRef attribute MAY be entered. This indicates that the Message will be received by the Task. The Message in this context is equivalent to an in-only message pattern (Web service). One (1) or more corresponding incoming Message Flows MAY be shown on the diagram. However, the display of the Message Flows is NOT REQUIRED. The Message is applied to all incoming Message Flows, but can arrive for only one (1) of the incoming Message Flows for a single instance of the Task."


      While running a process with receive task(RT) which receives a message RTM, when the exeuction flow comes to workitem handler the parameters present in the workItem are MessageId and MessageType.

      parameters{MessageId=, MessageType=}]. How will I be able to get the actual messge with this Id. Shouldn't the process engine pass me the actual message? Shouldn't the message remain with processInstance?


      Basically my question is how jBPM takes care of MessageFlow?


      Please help!!!