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    Postgres auto-incrementing PK?

    Paul Waldo Newbie

      Hi all,

      I'm trying to get a bean using CMP to have its primary key (an integer) generated by the container. I'm not having much luck :-(

      After numerous google searches, this URL is the only one that really has any meat to it:

      Apparently a plugin is required to do the actual dirty work at the database level. Does anyone know if there is a Postgres plugin that will do the same thing? Thanks in advance!


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          Darryl A. J. Staflund Newbie

          Hi there,

          From my readings of the JBoss forums, JBoss 3.0.x doesn't support auto-incrementing PK keys. I understand it's at least partially supported in 3.2.x, although I seem to recall that JBoss' handling of PostgreSQL in this respect has some peculiarities about it. Search the EJB forum instead of the CMP forum and see what you come up with. serverside.com has previously made available a free PDF version of 'EJB Design Patterns'. It contains a section on how to manage primary keys in EJBs and even includes some EJB code (in its associated download) that handles primary key generation and assignment.