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    Application authentication and remote LDAP

    Lars-Erik Helander Newbie

      Given the following setup:

      • JBoss EAP 6.1 (alfa)
      • standalone.xml
        • defines my own security domain that has an LDAP login module
        • defines ssl (verify-client="true") for the web subsystem https connector
      • My application (war file)
        • jboss-web.xml points out my own defined security domain
        • web.xml defines CLIENT_CERT authentication


      When I configure the LDAP login module to connect to an LDAP server on my localhost everythings works fine. The LDAP server is searched for available roles and these roles are made available in my session.

      If I configure the LDAP login module to a remote LDAP server it fails, login to the remote server fails.


      I have tried to search for solutions and I have come across things like defining an ldap connector under <outbound-connections> in the <management> part of the config, but I do not understand how that relates to the connection information configured in the LDAP login module of the security domain.


      I would be very happy for any suggestions on how to configure this, so that I can access  the remote LDAP server.