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    Importing service tasks into Eclipse

    Andy McC Newbie

      I have been using the excellent Twitter service task available from http://people.redhat.com/kverlaen/repository and which I imported using the video at http://people.redhat.com/kverlaen/twitter-repository.swf.


      However, when after it was imported the "Log" and "Email" service tasks that were already in the editor sidebar disappeared and only the Twitter task remained.


      Also, I have now tried to import the Email task from the above link and although it appears to have copied over the jars, wids etc the "Service Tasks" panel still only shows the Twitter task with no icon for the Email task. (I've repeated the process on a second PC and get the same results).


      Can anyone suggest how this can be fixed? Is it an Eclipse thing (I'm running helios for the sake of consistency with 5.4.0 documentation).


      Many thanks


      Andy McC

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          Andy McC Newbie

          The problem appears to have been caused by the content of META-INF/drools.rulebase.conf which is modified by the import process.


          The content of this file should contain a line like this:


          drools.workDefinitions = Twitter.wid Email.wid


          In the version that didn't work, the *.wid files were on separate lines and only the first of these was showing on the sidebar.


          Hope this helps someone.


          Andy McC