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    Running IE in a windows VM just got a whole lot easier!


      Hey guys,


      I just worked through the process for running Microsoft's free Internet Explorer virtual machines (on linux), and it got a whole lot easier than the last time I did it!


      The steps I followed are:


      1. Goto: http://www.modern.ie/en-us/virtualization-tools, select your platfrom (in my case linux) and the Widnows OS / IE version you want.
      2. Dowload the self executing RAR files using wget and the provided text file:


        dos2unix IE10.Win8.For.LinuxVirtualBox.txt

        wget -i IE10.Win8.For.LinuxVirtualBox.txt

      3. Execute the self-extracting RAR archive by invoking the .sfx file:
        chmod u+x IE10.Win8.For.LinuxVirtualBox.part1.sfx
      4. You now have the extracted VirtualBox .ova file (Open VirtualBox Appicance).
        Open up virtualbox, and goto File -> Import appliance, pointing to this .ova file


      Anfd that's it.  The above steps are for installing a Windows 8 VM with IE 10.  Easy as pie!