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    Date and time format

    Rune Molin Newbie



      We're running RHQ 4.6.0 on a linux server configured with UTC timezone. My local browser is in CEST timezone.


      How can I change RHQ to show date and time in local time and 24H format ?


      See screenshot - I would like this time to appear like this: "2013-04-13 15:01:45"



      Rune Molin

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          Heiko Rupp Master


          this is currently a weak spot in RHQ. We have some translations, but not yet (full) localization.


          Would you think it makes sense that each user can define her individual date format? Or would you take the "most appropriate" one from the UI locale (which is normally taken from the

          list of preferred languages of the browser)?



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            Rune Molin Newbie

            Personally I do not have a need for anything more than a global, server-side settings. I'd imagine that would be the case for the majority of installations.


            Adapting to the locale from the browser would be nice, but I can't really see the need for a per user setting