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    Jbpm 5.4 spring configuration : Human Task is not created

    mayank sahai Newbie

      hi all ,


      i am trying to use jbpm 5.4 with spring. i have created a simple business process definition with one HumanTask and rule Task.


      Running UnitTest case (by extending JbpmJUnitTestCase) Process flow works fine and process completes successfully  BUT when i use spring configuration to deploy and run Business Process then  HumanTask is never created  in database , hence querying it using LocalTaskService results in Nothing.


      i am using single persistence unit (process+task) and running a localTaskService to assign/complete workitem.


      can somone please take a look and help.


      There are two zip files :


      1) (test-success) that contains persistence.xml used by test case , respective passing junit test case and console logs.


      2) (process-spring) that contains spring config file , jbpm utility class (used to create session and taskservice), failing test case(uses this spring config) and console logs.


      from two logs i can clearly see that in Testcase (uses spring config) process goes fine and inserts entry in workitemInfo table but the does not create an Entry in Task table.


      i checked everything but unable to find a clue.





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          mayank sahai Newbie

          this issue is identical to : https://community.jboss.org/thread/195386?start=0&tstart=0


          looks like issue is caused by : TaskSessionSpringFactoryImpl.java , initialization of TaskPersistenceManager is determined by:


          private TaskPersistenceManager createTaskPersistenceManager() {
              TaskPersistenceManager tpm;
              TaskSpringTransactionManager ttxm = new TaskSpringTransactionManager(springTransactionManager, useJTA);
              if (useEMF) {
                  tpm = new TaskPersistenceManager(emf.createEntityManager(), ttxm);  -------------------- this is initialized is it correct ????????
              } else {
                  tpm = new TaskPersistenceManager(springEM, ttxm);
                  tpm.setUseSharedEntityManager(true); ---------------------------------- shouldnt this be initialized ???? if yes then how to configure springEM  
              return tpm;