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    Remote JMX-Console fails

    glm Newbie

      I have a JBoss AS 5.0.0.GA installation and I am basically using the default server ( copied the default server directory and renamed it to be my own server, NichProServer). I run the server by calling run -c NichProServer and everything comes up correctly, my applications use JMS and I have two Queues defined. When I call the JMX-Console from localhost everything works as expected but when I call my JMX-Console from my IP address i.e. I get the "can't connect to the server at IP address....." error message.

      I found a few postings that had similar problems under 4.x and the Narrator suggested running the server by calling run -b <ip address> -c "serverName" . When I did this the applications don't start correctly because they can't make the queue connections but I am able to remote into the jmx-console.

      So what do I need to do to be able to start my server, connect correctly to my queues and still be able to remote into the jmx-console ??