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    Is it possible to access nested exploded archives?

    Chris Lowe Apprentice

      Is it possible to access an exploded WAR inside an exploded EAR archive?  As part of an Arquillian createDeployment method, I access my EAR as follows:


      EnterpriseArchive er = ShrinkWrap

                                              .create(ExplodedImporter.class, "my-project.ear")

                                              .importDirectory(new File("./my-project.ear"))



      Within the EAR I now want to access a WAR archive via the EAR reference:


      WebArchive web = er.getAsType(WebArchive.class, "/my-project-web.war");


      This only works for packaged archives.  I'd like to access an exploded WAR archive at this point.  Is it possible?