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    Create a new CMP Type-Mapping -- where to put the class file

    Thomas Nagel Newbie

      Hello folks,

      I'm trying to add a CMP type-mapping for new classes (self defined ones, "tools.BigString") to the file

      I've added the following lines:



      I then put these new class files in the ${jboss.server.home.dir}/lib directory, put the EJB module in the deploy directory and started JBoss from scratch. Alas, it obviously didnt find the classes, but rather mapped the EJB fields using them to java.lang.Object and created BLOBs for them. :((

      I also tried putting the files in a jar first, and also putting them in ht deploy directory, but nothing worked.

      So, where should I put these files, or the jar holding them?

      Oh, its JBoss 3.0.6 on a Win2k-machine, using an Oracle 9i database.

      Thanks in advance,
      Thomas Nagel