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    Pass ksession to custom WorkItemHandler running in jBPM Console?


      I have a custom WorkItemHandler in which I am looking up all of the processes in the current session (and possibly starting new processes) e.g.: ksession.getProcessInstanceId() and ksession.startProcess(procName) respectively.


      Initially, I passed in the ksession using the custom constructor for my WorkItemHandler that accepted a ksession value.  Everything was great UNTIL I went to run the process inside of jBPM Console and realized that I don't have a way to call that constructor when I start the process from the Console.


      As an alternative, I thought I would just insert the session into a variable in a script task and then pass that into my WorkItemHandler, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to get it working.  I set up a process variable org.drools.runtime.StatefulKnowledgeSession and then set it in my script task with kcontext.getKnowledgeRuntime().  I see that I'm getting an org.drools.impl.StatefulKnowledgeSessionImpl and I am able to call kcontext.setVariable("ksession",myKnowlegeRuntime).  However, I am using persistence and when I try to pass the variable into my WorkItemHandler (I successfully pass a few other variables) get an "IOException while storing..."  I assume because it isn't serializable?


      Can someone tell me how to inject (or obtain) the ksession in the WorkItemHandler WITHOUT relying on the custom constructor with ksession?


      Alternatively, does anyone know how to pass a parameter (specifically, the ksession) to my workitemhandler running in the Console e.g. using the CustomWorkItemHandlers.conf?


      Thanks for any insight!