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    How is this possible?

    ibstmt Newbie

      RF 3.3.3: I have a tab panel with a selectOneRadio and a dataTable.  I use a4j:support on the table to detect row clicks. A row click can change the value of the radio button, but despite re-rendering, I can't get it to change.


      But, here is the thing: if I view the page source, the proper radio button is selected, i.e. you see <input type="radio" checked="checked".  But the display still shows a different button as selected. How can the display be different than the page source? 

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          Siva P Master

          You can provide some code snippet and screen short for reference to look up. and how the radio button and datatable is related.

          Like inside datatable radio button is there or outside datatable radio button is there?