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    EJBs exposed as web services and servlets




      I am in the process of migrating an application from AS6.1 to 7.1.1.  In our application, we have several EJBs exposed as web services, and a single HTTP servlet.  In 6.1, we could define the URLs for all of these services in the web.xml of a war file.  One side effect of this was that everything shared the same root context.  In 7.1.1, attempting to define the URLs of the EJB web services in the web.xml results in a ClassCastException.  Through some research and experimentation, I discovered that removing the EJB services from the web.xml and adding it to jboss-webservices.xml deployed them to the desired URLs.  However, we have the single servlet remaining that must be specified through web.xml.  Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a way to use the same context that the EJBs are deployed to -- JBoss complains that the context is already registered.


      Is there a way to get everything to deploy to the same context?