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    Proposed RichFaces git workflow


      Hello all,


      As a follow up to the recent deletion of the develop branch, I am updating the RichFaces Git Workdlow wiki page.  I started with updating the graphic, please have a look at it and share any feedback you might have before I write-up the changes in the wiki page.

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          Hey Brian,


          looks good,


          just few naming updates:


          • first column - kept out of develop master branch
          • release column - M#, Alpha#, Beta#, CR#, Final releases
          • I would rename samples (4.1.x naming) and use rather 5.y.z
          • at the end of green and orange columns (releases) - merge back to develop master
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            I'm was targetting the RichFaces 4 release process with this, but I don't really have a justification for doing so.  I'll switch it to RichFaces 5.


            Thanks for catching the other develop references I missed.  I'll get thsoe corrected and update the wiki text to match the graphic.