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    Configuring Guvnor for Oracle database

    Mrudul Palvankar Novice

      I was trying to configure Guvnor 5.5 for external database Oracle XE 11g


      I folowed following step but I do not think that Guvnor has cretaed required tables and is configured correctly for external database.


      1. I deployed Guvnor 5.5 war on Tomcat 7 and I was ale to access Administration and was able to create a repository.xml for Oracle


      2. I copied the contents and created a new file repository.xml under tomcat\webapp\guvnor5\WEB-INF\orarepoconfig. I have attached the repository.xml


      3. I changed the beans.xml under tomcat\webapp\guvnor5\WEB-INF\beans.xml for configuring repository (highlighted in RED)




            <!--  the root directory for the repo storage the directory must exist. -->




      4. I restarted Tomcat and I stopped the Oracle XE instance. I created a package and a rule using Guvnor UI. I was expecting an error when I saved the package and rule but the Guvnor did not report an error.


      5. I also checked the configured database (Oracle XE) for any new tables that should have got created but found none.


      Am I missing anything?


      Appreciate help on this issue.