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    Does jboss seam 1.1 works with JSF 1.2?

    Ashish Meshram Newbie

      Hi All


      This is my first post so forgive me if there are any mistakes.


      We have a legacy application which uses jboss seam 1.1 and JSF 1.2. The application itself does not contain any libs for the JSF 1.2. Instead the application is deployed on the websphere 7.0 which alredy has JSF 1.2 runtime.


      The application was running properly till now. But in last few days we are getting some issues. Technical team pointed out that the errors are due to mistmatch in the JSF version supported by websphere and the JSF version used in the application.


      They are saying websphere is compatible with JSF 1.2 while the application is using JSF 1.1.


      When we looked at the application we found out that the application itself is not using JSF 1.1. (i..e. jsf jars are not bundled with application and even web.xml is not using any jsf listeners) In fact application is using JSF 1.2 of websphere only.


      Also we found out that the jboss seam supports JSF 1.1.


      So is it possible that the problem is because of jboss-seam and we need to upgrade to version of jboss-seam which supports or is compatible with JSF 1.2?


      Or jboss-seam 1.1 is compatible with JSF 1.2?


      If at all we do need to upgrade the jboss-seam,  which version of jboss seam is compatible with JSF 1.2 and what are the steps to upgrade?


      Please help.