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    Production deployment and jBPM?

    dimmordino Newbie

      After reading through the user handbook and creating some simple business processes to get a feel for development/deployment, i still do not have a good feel for what a production system using jBPM would look like. For example, do most systems use the jbpm-console and guvnor in production? Or do most just use the jBPM engine without a repository and using a home grown or third party tool for visualizing the different workflows and raising user tasks?


      I guess i'm really having trouble fitting all of the peices together to create a real production ready system. Any opinions, experiences and insight as to what worked for you, what doesn't scale etc... would be helpful in determining a direction to go.




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          toorop Newbie

          Maybe I am too novice, but I have exactly the same problem. But I have exactly the same questio as dimmordino above. (Please, allow me to re-state the question in your thread)


          My boss has requested me to evaluate the possibility to embed jBPM in our solution. We have read a book, and the authors have done a great job, and had healthy fun as well, but I miss a bit of more emphasis on the API, not to be forced to use the whole solution, at least at the first stage.


          so, has the people experience in production with jBPM without using guvnor or at least without using jbpm-console for visualization ...? so the question will be:


          I want to use jBPM where:

                I can upload to jBPM processes through a JAVA API (with or without guvnor)

               I can manage the process thourgh a JAVA API (withour the console)

               I can visualize the status of the processes through a JAVA API

               I can do human interaction through a JAVA API.




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            Mauricio Salatino Master

            Hi Pepe, so yes you can embed jbpm in your application and decide how to manage your process programatically. The book mention guvnor and the console, but none of the examples show that. All the examples provided in the book are using the APIs in exactly the same way that you want.

            "Production environment" means a lot of thing to different people. I suggest you to start small with one process in a controlled environment to see then how to scale your solution. Usually embedding jbpm in your application will give you a lot of freedom, but then you need to manage well all the power that the framework gives you.


            Hope it helps