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    JBMP 5.4 : How can I trigger an action (call java method) using a process which is deployed on Drools-Guvnor

    Suyash Patil Newbie

      Hi Everyone,

      Im kind of new to Jbpm, but I have a Spring MVC web App where I to perform a process which would require a java method call.

      So, I have choosen to use REST API and and use Drool guvnor to deploy and run the process , But only able to start process and execute the human task (passing variables).

      My Query is I know java method call to Spring app in Drool-guvnor web application would not be resolved ,so is there any out of box method to make such call, like jms, or ws ,... or suggest if i have implement  any one of JMS or WS by my self (Like creating WS client on Drools -guvnor side and server on My spring MVC app )