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      Dear All,


      Need help.


      We have SOAP Webservice developed using Axis2.0 [WebserviceA] and these services will talk to other application[APP B, APP C] using RMI. These applications [APP B and APP C] has API's which are exposed to the WebServiceA throogh RMI interface.


      All these 3 are deployed in JBoss5.1.0 GA on different nodes.


      We can start WebserviceA, APP B and APP C in any manner, we have set reestalish connection option true.


      Generally there is no issue of connectivity between 3 three applications, sometimes we oberserve that WebserviceA application is not responding to the caller programs.


      And we are forced to restart all the 3 application nodes. The frequency is incraesing sometimes.


      Any help or pointer to this is appriciated.



      1. How many request can be handled through RMI port? is there any limit?

      2. If there is any real rmi port has issue when n/w goes off for some reason?


      Thanks and Regards,