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    Do Java "import" statements need to be entered multiple times?

    Andy McC Newbie

      I have developed a simple BPMN process in Eclipse which loads a Java Properties file into a process variable and then uses these to configure an email workitem. This works as expected when I run it as a Java applicaiton in Eclipse.


      However, I have now moved this to Guvnor and although the import statements (e.g. import java.util.Properties) are defined at the top level of the process, when I attempt to build the package I get the error "Process Compilation error Properties cannot be resolved to a type".


      To clear the error I have added java.util.Properties to the package via the Guvnor "Configuration" panel. (The discussion here https://community.jboss.org/message/805132#805132 suggests this is the way to handle user-defined jars etc)


      Is this the correct or am I missing a key step? Do the imports need to be stated in two places?


      Should Guvnor automatically pick up on import requirements when a BPMN process diagram is added to the pacakge?


      I'm still very much a newcomer to jBPM so my apologies if this is blindingly obvious!




      Andy McC


      All JBoss and jBPM bits direct from jBPM 5.4.0_install

      jre 1.7.0_17

      Windows 7 and 8