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    Question about how to set up JBoss 6 to proxy to another JBoss 6

    jasonsapp Newbie

      We have two instances of JBoss 6.  The first instance is a publicly accessable JBoss 6 instance that hosts a set of secured web applications.  The second JBoss 6 instance is sitting behind a firewall.  This "private" instance hosts a single, unsecured web application.



      What we need to do is somehow enable users that are "logged in" to one of the web applications in our publicly accessible JBoss instance to be able to access the unsecured web application running in our private JBoss 6 instance.  Is there a way to do this with JBoss 6?  Perhaps configure a set of URLs in our externally facing JBoss 6 instance that are only available (once logged in) and when users attempt to reach these URLs, the external JBoss 6 instance simply proxies the requests to our internal JBoss 6 instance......


      Any thoughts on how to do this?