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    minimumStringSize configuration value

    Brian Wallis Master

      For the binary storage configuration MODE-1699 added the ability to set the minimum string size independently of the minimum binary size. I've been playing a bit with this and I can get ItemNotFoundExceptions or DocumentNotFoundException errors if I set the string size to a small value (it also has a noticable impact on the performance).


      It almost looks like I cannot use Session.getNodeByIdentifier() reliably if the minimumStringSize is set to less than 29 and that entry has been evicted from the workspace cache or maybe from the binary cache (not really sure of the exact conditions).


      What would be sensible minimums for the string size and for the workspace cache maxEntries? If there are values below which problems will occur, should these be enforced by the configuration code?


      (I'm using  a modeshape 3.2-SNAPSHOT from yesterday, JDK 1.7.0_17 and mac osx 10.8)