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    How to disable POJO Endpoint for Jbossws?

    sheperd huang Newbie



      I am migrating my application from Jboss5.1.0 to Jboss7.1.1, we are blocked by one feature - Jbossws-stack-cxf will automatically discover POJO endpoint from classpath.

      Our application will invoke other Webservice, so, we embed those client side artifacts which can call other Webservices.

      However, Jbossws-stack-cxf will automatically discover those annotation and deploy those client code as server side webservice, of course generate some server side code which are conflicting with our embedded client side classes.


      I think my requirement is not unique.

      There should be someway to disable the auto-deploy POJO endpoints in Jboss7.1.1, but I haven't figured it out yet.


      any help is appreciated.