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    Problems with initialization of defaultPackage

    annah Newbie


      I've got a few strange problems with defaultPackage, I'm using Guvnor 5.3.5.


      Lets say I've installed a fresh copy of Guvnor, it automatically creates a defaultPackage. Then I upload one BPMN process to defaultPackage and try to build it. I'm getting an exception that package name is invalid. I'm definitely sure that package name in bpmn process is set to 'defaultPackage', so package names match.

      If I try building the same BPMN process in some other package it builds successfully (after changing the package name in process definition, of course). So the problem is not in my process definition. It just looks like package name is not initialized properly for defaultPackage. Suggestions?


      Is it possible to delete default package? I wanted to delete it and create it again, hoping it will solve the problem above. But after archiving it, deleting it from archive, logging out and logging in, default package reappears, like I've not deleted it at all. How is this possible?


      I also have a problem with initializing a default package when I try to use DB instead of file system for my repository.

      E.g. I install a fresh copy of Guvnor and create repository.xml with 'Respository configuration' tool in Guvnor. I restart Guvnor and db tables are created successfully. If I add some new resource I can see new entries in db, so it works. But whenever I try to delete some resource from defaultPackage or defaultPackage itself, I'm getting an exception that it is missing a reference with UUID '..', and it is always the same UUID it is looking for, no matter which resource from defaultPackage I try to delete. I seems like it is missing defaultPackage in db ??