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    Community binaries - when and for what versions will they (if ever) be available?

    Marian Stránecký Newbie

      Hi JBoss/RedHat folks,


      I would like to ask you for CLEAR MESSAGE when and for what community version(s) will you release a binary (if you ever plan so...)







      If I visit the links above, I only get:

      Q: What happened to 7.2.0.Final?

      A: 7.2.0.Final was always the basis for EAP 6.1.0.Alpha. ...

      - so does it mean that there will be no community binary for this version at all and you plan e.g. to release binary for next version? 7.2.x/7.3? Or 8.0 (which in turn is targeted to JEE7 - i.e. "far future")?


      Q. Why are we doing this?

      A. To make it easier for more developers to get access to the product binaries and provide feedback to the AS / EAP team earlier than the current model makes possible. There is a more complete explanation on Mark Little's blog.

      - Mark says:


      ...from the point where we start to productise the community project (e.g., AS7.1) we will release all product builds that

      we create as a result of this process into the community (e.g., EAP 6.0 Alpha 1, which is based on AS 7.1) so that all

      developers within our communities or with our customers can take advantage of them immediately.


      There will be no other community binaries for that major release of the community project after that point because the

      product builds are effectively a superset and we hope more beneficial to most developers...



      - so am I right that you don't plan to release any community binary, but only productized JBoss?


      Thank you in advance for proper information on it...