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    DeliverAsynch loosing data on the Message.

    soltar Newbie

      Hi guys,


      I noticed that when I invoke a service using Invoker.deliverAsync method, I see that any data I have on the Body of the message except the data against the default entry is lost in the invoked service. So if have -


      message.getBody.add("default") and

      message.getBody.add("test", "testData");


      In the invoked service I cannot get to testData. I can get to the default value, which is stored against the jboss default key.


      Any ideas on why the message data is lost ? May be the implementation only copies the default value over. What are my alternate options to pass some data. I am playing with settng this data against the Properties and it seems to be working.



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          soltar Newbie

          Turns out this has nothing to do DeliverAsynch call but rather we had an action in called Service which was doing a JMS routing with unwrap='true' flag. When this flag is used only the message body at default (if no location is specified) location is copied over - hence we were loosing all other body location other than default one.