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    Linux to Windows JBoss instance copy, configuration and browser issues....HELP!

    danny dshihtzu Newbie

      I'm a Java developer tasked with setting up and managing a testing environment - new to running and administering JBoss so please excuse me if some of these issues are obvious I have researched the existing threads/topics and haven't been able to solve my problems


      I have been tasked with the following:

      1. Copy an existing JBoss installation from a Linux Red Hat server to my Windows 7 PC. The version of JBoss  is jboss-eap-4.3.

      2. Create a targeted development environment using the copied JBoss installation.

      3. Edit and enhance an existing JBoss/Seam/JSF-based application and re-deploy it back to the Linux server for testers to use.


      I have managed to copy the existing Linux installation to my PC after many, many errors and dropped packets etc. Unfortunately, I cannot get anything to display in the browser. It has been suggested I try the following:


      1. Boot JBoss as follows: run.bat   –b10.233.176.243, where is my IP address .

      2. Open a browser with the following URL(s): http://isdblmks7:8080/FPPS/ - where: http://[my computer name]:[port]/app_name

      and http://[my.ip.add.ress]:8080/ and http://[my.ip.add.ress]:8080/FPPS - where http://[my IP address]:[port]//FPPS .


      Starting the run.bat command with -Djboss.bind.address=[my.ip.add.ress] as an arg did not improve matters.


      [NOTE: asterisks (*) inserted to hide my true identity......:)


      All of the above urls produce 'not found' messages in both IE and Chrome.  IE is the preferred browser, if that makes any difference.


      It was suggested I edit my host file but I don't have permission to do that - all of the entries in the host file are commented out so there is no 'localhost' defined.


      The single ERROR in the server log is:

      2013-04-10 16:37:52,962 ERROR [STDERR] org.jboss.deployment.DeploymentException: Failed to find META-INF/jboss-aop.xml


      I have copied all of the files from the server to my machine numerous times and cannot find this jboss-aop.xml file. I don't know if it is required to run to app I need or not.


      I have attached the latest server.log and boot.log files for reference.



      Can someone give me some pointers? I have spend almost 2 days going over this and still cannot get anything to display in the browser and localhost returns nothing.




      Thanks in advance!