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    pom.xml dependencies for using jBPM5.4

    Ouadi BELMOKHTAR Newbie



      What's the main dependencies to declare in pom.xml in order to using jBPM5.4 Web-based application :


      Here is the content of /lib/ folder :



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          Jiri Svitak Novice



          it depends on which functionality you need. Simply said - to build .bpmn2 definition and start process from it, you'll need jbpm-bpmn2 artifact :








          Usually you need other artifacts:

          jbpm-persistence-jpa ... to create knowledge sessions which persist their state to database

          jbpm-bam ... to log engine activity

          jbpm-human-task-hornetq|mina|core ... to be able to interact with human task service via HornetQ/Mina protocols or by using LocalTaskService