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    why an entity bean can fail to be put in the context?

    Dmitry Pustovoit Newbie

      I set a user bean in one stateful bean and then navigate to a different page and in the init method for the page I can see that the entity bean is initialized by seam again and my data is lost, but this is just an assumption:


      so I have






      public class someBeanimplements someBeanLocal, Serializable {


          @In(required = false)

          @Out(required = false)

          private Thing thing;


      public String quickOpenidLogin() {


                  userService = (UserServiceLocal) Component.getInstance("userService");

                 this.thing = userService.getThisThing();


              return RESULT_SUCCESS;







      then I go to the next page


      <page view-id="/successPage.xhtml" no-conversation-view-id="/home.xhtml"




        <action execute="#{secondBean.initializeSecond}" on-postback="false"/>




      when method initializeSecond is called in secondBean:






      public class SecondBean extends AbstractCommonSecurity implements SecondBeanLocal {




      protected Thing thing;



      public void initializeSecond() {

           user.getId() is empty